CBD dog food toppers are convenient and tasty way for your dog to get their daily dose of CBD and omega-3's.  Our dog food toppers are formulated with our premium Hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Dog Food Topper



Is CBD safe for dogs?

As long as you are using pure CBD products, it's safe for dogs. It's a natural substance derived from hemp and brightens up your fur baby's life with a host of health and wellness benefits. The CBD food topper and other CBD products from Petly are made with vet-approved formulation, and they are also third-party lab tested. Every ingredient that goes into our products is clinically researched. So, stay worry-free about your pet's safety. 

Does CBD make dogs high?

Pet parents often ask if CBD makes dogs high because they confuse it with THC. The answer is no, CBD can never make your dog high, or interfere with their brain functions. THC, another component found in cannabis plants, is responsible for causing a high. In order to be extra sure, we remove THC from our organically grown hemp using the best technology. 

What is a CBD food topper for dogs?

A CBD food topper is the easiest solution to add CBD to your dog's daily meals. It is not a separate meal, but an add-on. As you add it to your dog's food, their meal will be more nutritious, and they'll also get to enjoy the amazing impact of CBD on their health. 

What are the benefits of CBD food topper?

First and foremost, the CBD food topper enhances the taste of any meal. In case your dog tends to get bored of eating the same food every day, adding the food topper will change the game. And secondly, the food topper offers the benefits of CBD, so your pet can say goodbye to anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation. And lastly, the food toppers come loaded with nutritional value, and help your pet stay healthy and well, always!

How do I use a dog CBD food topper?

The best thing about the dog CBD food topper is that it's incredibly easy to serve. The topper is available in a ready-to-use form sealed safely inside its packaging. All you have to do is take our one scoop of it and mix it with your dog's regular meal. And voila! Your dog will now receive their daily dose of CBD, and their meal will be tastier too!