CBD cat food toppers are convenient and tasty way for your cat to get their daily dose of CBD and omega-3's.  Our cat food toppers are formulated with our premium Hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Cat Food Topper



Is CBD safe for cats?

Yes, CBD is completely safe for cats. However, make sure to administer the dosage of CBD with caution, because you don't want to go overboard with it. Consult your vet for an expert opinion, or refer to the product page of the CBD product to know exactly how much CBD is needed for your cat everyday. At Petly, our vet-approved formulation for cat CBD products is loaded with organic ingredients, and they are third-party lab-tested to guarantee maximum safety. 

Does CBD make cats high?

There is a psychoactive component known as THC that can cause the 'high' feeling. CBD is a non-intoxicating substance. At Petly, we use advanced technology to eliminate THC from the hemp, so our CBD products are completely THC-free. In case you've been shying away from CBD pet products thinking they could alter your fur baby's brain functions, it's time to say goodbye to those worries. But yes, CBD does have a positive impact on your cat's brain – it makes your cat less anxious, helps them stay calm and stress-free, and improves their mood, besides offering a plethora of physiological benefits. 

What is a CBD food topper?

When you want to introduce CBD to your cat's diet but you're not sure how to go about it, your best solution is a CBD cat food topper. It has been specially formulated to increase the nutritional value of your cat's meals, and allow them to enjoy the benefits of CBD. You have to mix the food topper with regular cat food – it will make the meals tastier, and healthier too! 

What are the benefits of CBD food topper?

The CBD food topper from Petly comes with Omega-3 fatty acids, along with CBD. It benefits your cat in more ways than one. The natural flavors make your cat's meals taste better, so they'll be tempted to eat their food without making a fuss. The presence of CBD soothes stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation, cures pain and arthritis, offers relief from inflammatory bowel disease, and keeps them healthy and happy. 

How do I use a CBD food topper?

As the name suggests, a CBD food topper is formulated to enhance the nutritional benefits of your cat's meals. Take a scoop of the food topper and mix it with your cat's food, and that's all. Our Petly cat food topper is loaded with premium quality, organic, broad-spectrum hemp. We remove THC from the hemp, so the final product is absolutely THC-free, safe, and doesn't cause a high. To make things extra delicious, we add natural flavorings to the food topper. The topper is ready to use, all you have to do is mix it with a meal.