Bounty Rewards Program - 

Here at Petly we believe rewarding our customers is essential along our journey. We wouldn't be here today without you, and we don’t want you to forget it. So we thought up a method where you can be rewarded for simply loving and sharing our products.

We want to invite you to join our new rewards platform, Bounty. On Bounty, you can save and earn store credit simply for sharing Petly with your friends, family and followers. You earn $1 each time your friends, family, and followers click the personalized link you share with them. On top of that, anyone you refer will receive 25% off their entire order! This way you win, your friends and family win, and it also helps us grow as a brand.

Signing up is easy, look for the Bounty Button on the bottom corner of this page and add your email address to active your Bounty Links. After you’ve signed up, simply copy the URL from any page and share with friends over email, text, IG, or any social platform to start earning!