Our CBD oil drops for cats have been specially formulated with our premium, hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD. They come in a variety of strengths and flavors to ensure your cat gets the right dose. 

Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats 200mg



What is the best CBD oil for cats?

CBD is a well-known organic solution for your cat's health and wellness, but it's important to pick the best product to get the maximum benefits. Petly CBD oil for cats is the best choice, as it's made out of 100% organic hemp grown organically in the fertile lands of Colorado. The product passes through strict quality control and third-party lab testing. The formulation is approved by vets, so you can stay assured that your pet will be in good hands! 

Can I give CBD oil to my cat everyday?

Yes, you can offer CBD oil to your cat everyday. Generally, you can use it twice a day for best results, but you can also apply it at an interval of 8 hours if required. However, make sure you don't go overboard with the oil dosage. To avoid any confusion, refer to the product page of the cat CBD oil, or consult the vet. 

How can CBD oil help my cat?

Like any other animal, cats can feel anxious and stressed too. When you find your furry friend to be unusually restless or unusually quiet, it could be because of anxiety. CBD oil soothes the symptoms of anxiety, helps your cat de-stress, and improves their mood significantly. Besides, it also heals chronic pain, lack of appetite, inflammation, bowel problems, and many other health issues your cat might be experiencing. 

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

Yes, CBD oil is entirely safe for cats. As long as you are using an unadulterated, high-quality CBD product, there's nothing to worry about. At Petly, our CBD oil is prepared by maintaining strict quality control, and it goes through third-party lab testing for maximum assurance. Not only that, our CBD oil for cats is formulated and approved by expert vets. We don't use pesticides, additives, or preservatives in our CBD oil, which helps retain its purity. 

Can CBD oil make cats high?

No, CBD oil won't make your cat high, nor would it interfere with their mental processes. The usual 'high' effect that you usually associate with cannabis comes from a psychoactive component called THC. At Petly, our CBD oils for cats are THC-free. We use superior technology to extract even the smallest amount of THC from the hemp, so all you get is pure, natural, phytocannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp CBD.