Top 10 CBD Questions Answered: A Guide

Top 10 CBD Questions Answered: A Guide

  • Kirsten Thornhill - 01.02.2021

As holistic options become more readily available and mainstream, more and more pet parents are choosing to support their furry friends in a natural way. 

As a result of this, CBD oil is killing it in the feline and canine market, figuratively of course. However, buying CBD in the world of cannabis isn’t as straightforward or easy as it may seem on the internet. It’s super important to use caution when purchasing CBD products online that could affect your four-legged friends. 

Knowing all there is to know about CBD can better help you navigate just how it can support your pet’s overall well-being and health. Even though there are still many misconceptions about CBD and what it can do, more and more humans and animals alike are turning to CBD every day. 



Today’s article is here to set things straight for you! We’re talking all things CBD, separating cannabis facts from fiction, as well as answering your top questions about the cannabis plant and CBD.

Let’s go!

What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Let’s get started with the basics: what the heck is CBD? Where does it come from?

Well, CBD is short for cannabidiol, an all-natural compound that is found in the cannabis plant. This compound is just one of 100+ cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. 



The cannabis plant we’re referring to can come in two varietals: marijuana and hemp. CBD can be extracted from both of these types of plants. You can think of the term ‘cannabis plant’ as being an umbrella term, with marijuana and hemp plants falling under it. 

Is CBD Legal in the US?

Here’s where things get a little confusing. Since CBD can be derived from the marijuana and hemp plants, the legality really depends on where the CBD comes from. 

For instance, hemp-derived CBD oil and products are legal in almost all 50 states. So you shouldn’t have to worry about having accessibility to it in the US. You may not even realize that hemp-derived CBD is already being sold in your local organic market, in beauty products, and or cleaning products. If you’re interested in finding hemp-derived CBD products, you can always head to the internet and search freely in the comfort of your own home! It really is that simple. 



However, on the other hand, marijuana-derived CBD oil is only legal in states where marijuana is legal. The biggest reason for this lies in the different levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present between the hemp and marijuana plant. 

As I’m sure you’re familiar with THC or have heard of it before, it’s the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. It can exert a “high” in users. 

While hemp-derived CBD generally has little to no THC present, there still may be up to 0.3% THC in it, legally. CBD that is marijuana-derived may have anywhere from 0.3-25% THC present. Talk about a “high” difference here. 

Can CBD Get You or Your Pets High?

This is a major question for us humans and our furry friends too - does CBD get you high? As we briefly mentioned above, the compound that exerts mind-altering effects is THC, not CBD. 

Since hemp-derived CBD oils only contain minor amounts of THC (0.0 - 0.3%), you do not need to worry about you or your furry friend getting “stoned”. 

CBD that is taken from the hemp plant is non-addictive, non-toxic, and is even considered generally safe. Neither you nor your pup will develop a dependency on CBD oil and can instead, reap the amazing benefits from this natural compound one day at a time. 


How Does CBD Work?

When cannabis compounds, like CBD and THC, enter our bodies, they interact and communicate with a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

Both you and your animal(s) have an ECS, working alongside other major organ systems, keeping your body in a balanced homeostatic state. 

The ECS plays a key role in regulating different processes, including your sleep, pain response, appetite, and mood. 

So how does this work exactly? In short, the ECS is made up of various cannabinoid receptors that communicate back and forth with the body and brain. The two most well-known and studied cannabinoid receptors are cannabinoid-receptor 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid-receptor 2 (CB2). These receptors are spread all throughout our bodies, located in various organs, such as the lungs, immune system, vascular system, and brain. 



When cannabinoid compounds, like CBD, enter the body, they interact with the ECS through binding processes. CBD binds indirectly to CB1 and CB2. THC, on the other hand, binds directly with these receptors, hence, the “high” users experience. 

These interactions are what result in the potential health and therapeutic benefits a person or pup may experience when using CBD oil or other cannabinoid compounds. 

What Can CBD Oil Be Used For?

CBD oils and products can be used for a wide array of reasons. These may include the following:

  • Maintain healthy joints and connective tissue
  • Support heart health
  • Neurological function 
  • Support immunity
  • Fight free radicals and support cellular health
  • Enhance your immune response
  • Promote relaxation and calming
  • Help with discomfort
  • Ance
  • Anxiety 
  • Mood

What is CBD Oil Exactly?

CBD oil and other phytocannabinoids can be extracted from the cannabis plant using a process called CO2 extraction. This results in a pure quality CBD oil that involves zero post-processing. 

CBD oil is also commonly known as CBD tincture, one of the most popular administration methods of CBD consumption for users. 



CBD oil can be derived from the hemp and marijuana plant, as we discussed above, and can be a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or in an isolated form of CBD. 

While there are three forms of CBD reaping with beautiful health benefits, full-spectrum CBD does contain the most cannabinoids that interact within our system. These cannabinoids work together to provide you the most potent results for your health and well-being. 

How Do I Use CBD Oil?

CBD oils and products come in all different forms and most are intended to be taken orally. 

The most popular CBD product is CBD tincture, also known as CBD oil. CBD oils typically come with an easy-to-use dropper, allowing you an easy administration squeeze of oil directly into your mouth or on your tongue. 

Other common CBD products are CBD softgels, CBD powders, or CBD topicals. CBD topicals and lotions may be a great option for those looking to help with joint and muscle soreness.

CBD also comes in unique forms too, especially for animals. Keep reading!

Is CBD Oil Safe for Pets?

As long as CBD oil is hemp-derived, it is safe for your furry friends (and you)!

Products extracted from the marijuana plant are NOT safe for animals, it can actually be extremely toxic for them. 

Hemp-derived CBD products rarely produce any side effects in animals, with most paw parents reporting extreme lethargy in their pets, when CBD is first introduced. 

We highly recommend talking with your holistic veterinarian before starting your pup on any new supplements or CBD oils, as they may be able to guide you with proper dosage and product recommendations. 

Here at Petly CBD, we recommend starting your furry friend low and slow when it comes to CBD dosages. You can always work your way up in dosage if you feel your four-legged friend needs it. 

The good news is that today’s CBD industry has expanded to the world of pets, in a powerful way! Here are our most popular CBD products today: 

Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Dogs

Our large dog droppers have been scientifically crafted for dogs 50 pounds or more. Formulated with 500 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.

Each bottle contains 30 droppers at 16.6mg per dropper. This natural product combines only two natural compounds that support canine health—broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.   

Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats

Our feline droppers have been scientifically crafted for our small furry friends. Formulated with 125 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.

Each bottle contains 30 droppers at 4.16mg per dropper. This natural product combines only two natural compounds that support feline health—broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.


Pet Hemp CBD Dog Treats


At Petly, we treat our four-legged friends as members of our family. Our mission is to help our beloved companions live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. This is why we only offer all-natural certified THC FREE hemp CBD products. Our proprietary veterinarian formulated soft chews are carefully crafted ensuring every ingredient is of the highest quality, and always free of preservatives and pesticides. These tantalizing CBD treats not only host a wealth of health benefits but will have your pup begging for more.


CBD Facts 101: Final Thoughts

CBD oil is taking the holistic worlds of natural medicine by rapid storm, for you and your pup! People are not only turning to more holistic options for themselves, but also for their pup’s health concerns, rightfully so. 

If you’ve been curious about trying CBD products or oils, why not make today the day you try it for yourself? You never know, you and fido might just benefit from it more than you think. 


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