Bone Broth for Dogs

Bone Broth for Dogs

  • Kirsten Thornhill - 04.08.2020

People around the world have been stirring up bone broth for centuries and centuries. Interestingly enough, only recently has the recipe regained major momentum in mainstreaming cooking. This immune-boosting food isn’t only beneficial for us humans, it also makes a wonderful supplement for your four-legged pal, young, old, and any age in between. Rich in calcium, potassium, and gelatin, bone broth aids in your doggo’s gut and digestive health. In addition, it helps bones, joints, and immune system. 

So what is bone broth for dogs? Is it different from bone broth for humans? Hold that thought. 


Bone Broth for Canines

Bone broth is different for dogs, it isn’t quite the traditional stock or soup. The traditional bone broth may include onion or garlic, which can be toxic to dogs. On the other hand, bone broth for dogs combines chicken, beef, and a variety of animal bones in a slow cooking process, with water and apple cider vinegar. A slew of beneficial vitamins, including C, D, and K, among others, make this broth a doggy favorite!

Even better, bone broth for dogs requires the most minimal cooking skills. You can reuse discarded beef or chicken bones after a human meal. Whether your doggo has a sluggish immune system, a complicated stomach, or has general bone and joint difficulties, your dog can benefit from bone broth. 

Bone Broth Benefits: Dog Edition

As little as one cup of bone broth a day contains enough gelatin and fiber to help leaky gut syndrome and other digestive problems, such as anal gland complications. If your dog is recovering from an ailment, chicken, and beef bone broth can help in the reintroduction of food. This not only makes it a nutrient-loaded option but also a cost-effective one for your pup! This is especially true when your fur friend isn’t feeling too well. Your dog will love the smell of meat cooking in your house, helping them boost an appetite right up!



Remember how I mentioned how bone broth is packed with nutrient gelatin? Well, gelatin helps with a shiny coat and skin. A simmering bowl of bone broth also creates a defense against ongoing respiratory infections. 

Let’s say your puppers is 100% healthy and problem-free, bone broth can be a great multivitamin too! Your dog will be so excited by the natural chicken and beef flavors bone broth provides. 

Bone Broth Misconceptions

Bone broth has been a trending phase on the tongues of chefs, pet owners, and individuals alike in general, but this isn’t a soon-to-pass trend. As a true superfood, bone broth has been used for humans, felines, and canines for years and years! But, to make one thing clear, bone broth can’t do it alone, it should be paired with dog food to achieve optimal results. 

It may seem super confusing that a simple soupy food has all these benefits for your dog, right? Well, the collagen in the meat bones is crucial for bone and joint health.



Oftentimes, paw parents will give their dog raw bones to chew on, aiming to provide the same benefits as bone broth. However, the bone broth provides more accessible benefits, being that they are cooked in apple cider vinegar and water, pulling more minerals out from the bone during the process. 

Who Should Have Bone Broth?

Bone broth can benefit all types of dogs, but those who are healing or aging gracefully receive specific immune boosts from minerals in the chicken and beef bones. Well-known for its high VItamin C content, bone broth diets fight against infection, aiding in your dog’s healing process. 

Studies have found that bone’s connective tissue contains helpful amino acids, such as glycine, which is excellent for detoxing and balancing the liver. 

Packed with hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, bone broth eases inflammation common in dogs susceptible to arthritis. These minerals are also great supplements for dogs who are experiencing weakness as they age. 

Can I Make Bone Broth? 

Although bone broth requires 1 - 3 days of cook time, preparation can be quick and easy! When collecting ingredients, raw bones are always best for their optimal levels of bone marrow and nutrients. Cooked bones and leftover bones work just as fine too! Do note that apple cider vinegar can be substituted with another acidic solution, such as white vinegar or lemon juice. 


1. Gather raw or pre-cooked bones from chicken, turkey, or cow into a crockpot or slow cooker. 

2. Cover ingredients with just enough water, about an inch over the top of the bones.

3. Add 2 - 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the H2O.

4. If you choose to you can throw in some dog-friendly veggies including celery, carrot, green beans, or sweet potatoes. 

5. Simmer everything in the pot for 24 - 72 hours on low heat. If the water drops below the bones, add a smidge more to cover.

6. Once the broth has cooled to a safe temperature, strain out all the bones, and store in the fridge for up to 4 days.

      By the end of this three-day process, your furry friend will be over the moon by the savory smell taking over the house. 



      How to Store Bone Broth

      If used within 3 - 4 days, bone broth can be stored in the fridge in Tupperware or its original pot. Since each recipe makes a good amount of bone broth, consider storing some of the broth for a later time. Bone broth can freeze for up to one year. In the summer, consider giving your doggo bone broth pops as a mineral-rich treat!

      The new wave of bone broth popularity is based on years and years of traditional cooking. Its return is not only beneficial for us humans but is excellent for helping our dog’s overall health at home too! Ingredients packed with nutrients such as glycine, gelatin, glucosamine, and many others help support their immune system, soothes upset stomachs, decrease joint inflammation, and decrease the effects of a leaky gut. Not to mention, it’s a tasty treat that your pup will feel rewarded with each day.



      This sustainable recipe requires only little effort and beginner cooking experience but can yield huge benefits for everyone in the household. In just as little as 24 hours, you’ll have a pot of nutrient-rich bone broth to support your favorite four-legged friend’s life.

      Bone Broth for Dogs: Final Thoughts

      Now that you’ve read about the delicious, nutritious, and tasty bone broth for dogs, you’re all in, right? Remember, bone broth for your furry friend is best without any additive salts or sugars, so homemade recipes are the way to go! A little beef and chicken bones, a crockpot, 24 - 72 hours to simmer, and bam - you’ve got bone broth for your pup!

      Here at Petly CBD, we understand just how important your pup is to you and your family. Finding all-natural, holistic alternatives to help boost your pup’s health is one we can all agree on. Talk with your holistic veterinarian and see if bone broth is an avenue accessible for your furry friends! Until then, feel better soon!

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