Hemp CBD Dog Chews: A Tasty Treat

Hemp CBD Dog Chews: A Tasty Treat

  • Kirsten Thornhill - 23.11.2020

What are Pet CBD Treats?

More likely than not, you’re probably heard about CBD chews and treats for our furry friends. Whether you’re new to using CBD yourself or you’re eager to get your four-legged friend on the right road to relaxation sooner than later, we’ve got the news and chews for you!

Here at Petly CBD, we’ve crafted tasty treats, with hemp-derived CBD, to meet your four-legged friend’s needs and wants. So without further ado, let’s jump into the tasty goodness of Petly CBD Pet Hemp CBD Chews!

1, 2, 3, let’s bite!

What is CBD? 

More CBD products and oils for animals are filling up shelves, internet ads, online stores, and dispensaries across the country. Some paw parents are already screaming from the tops of mountains, raving about the beautiful benefits of CBD for their pets! So what the heck is CBD?

Well, CBD is the short term for cannabidiol, a compound derived from the cannabis plant. It is natural, organic, and may even provide users with therapeutic benefits. 



And of course, time is of the essence! Let your curiosity get the best of you, navigate the waters of the CBD industry. From CBD oils to pet chews to balms to lotions, there is something out there for everyone (+ pets included)!

Any paw parent only wants the best for their furry kid! So even though CBD may be great for dogs, there are some precautions you should know about before purchasing the first thing you see. One, CBD for dogs is not safe if derived from the marijuana plant. THC can be toxic for dogs to ingest! CBD that is hemp-derived is safe for dogs because there is less than 0.3% THC present. 

Secondly, when searching for a CBD product, not all companies are created equal. Find a reputable company with certificates of analysis (CoA) for your viewing. Ask about third-party testing too, this ensures that the company’s products are tested for potency and quality. 

Petly CBD Hemp Chews for Dogs

Petly CBD Hemp Chews for Dogs are packed with scrumptious (+ nutritious) ingredients for your four-legged paw pup! We offer Pet CBD Chews that help to promote relaxation and calmness in doggos. Our chews may help with your pup’s joint and bone health in addition to enhancing their heart health!



Hemp CBD Chews: What’s Inside?

Let’s take a look into the ingredients of our chews and just how these ingredients may help dogs with relaxation and calmness. 

Organically-Grown Broad-Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp CBD Oil: Doggos, like us humans, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), working to regulate appetite, mood, memory, and sleep. CBD oil works by interacting with the ECS, helping to promote a relaxed state in your pup. 

Beef Liver Powder: As a nutrient-dense food beneficial for doggos and humans alike, beef liver powder may be rich in nutrients and vitamins. This may not only be a good source of protein but is also loaded with vitamin B-12. This can help keep your pup full of energy!

Organic Sweet Potato Powder: Sweet potato powder is a healthy and natural treat for dogs, offering more than a wide array of health benefits and tasty flavoring. They can help support a healthy digestive system due to their high dietary fiber content. Known for being low in fat and containing essential vitamins including A, C, and B-6. 

Flaxseed Oil: This type of oil may help soften and shine your pup’s coat, with the powerful benefits of omega-6 fatty acids found in flaxseed oil. This oil may help nourish the skin starting from within, supporting healthy skin and a shiny coat through and through.

Which Dogs are Hemp CBD Chews Best For?

All dogoos! Whether you have a small or large dog, a puppy or an older dog, Petly’s Hemp CBD Chews are crafted for all doggos. Some dogs may love a little snack between their meals, but it may not be every dog’s “cup of tea”. Our soft chews are made for dogs with small and big teeth, making it easy for those with smaller teeth to enjoy fully! Also, the softness of these chews may be great for older dogs who may have trouble biting down or eating hard dog treats. 



What are the Different Types of CBD Products?

There are honestly so many different types of CBD products and oils available - for you, me, and our furry friends. From oils and topicals to pills and dog treats, the product(s) you choose will depend entirely on your dog’s needs (and maybe yours too). 

Some CBD products are designed to help boost your dog’s overall health and wellness, where some may be tailored for dogs with severe anxiety or joint stiffness or allergies. 

1. Hemp-Derived CBD Oils

Depending on your dog’s needs, you may want an all-natural, organic, broad-spectrum CBD oil. Rest assured, of course, that you choose a Petly CBD, you can feel at ease knowing all our of ingredients are of the highest quality and potency. We only want and expect the best for our pups, so we’re well aware that you want the same thing too!

You can find hemp-derived CBD oils that may help your dog’s heart health, joint stiffness, allergies, mobility, relief, and boost their wellness. Here are the CBD oils we offer:

CBD Oil for Large Dogs 500 mg 

Our large dog droppers have been scientifically crafted for dogs 50 pounds or more. Formulated with 500 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.

Each bottle contains 30 droppers at 16.6mg per dropper. This natural product combines only two natural compounds that support canine health—broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

CBD Oil for Medium Dogs 250 mg

Our medium dog droppers have been scientifically crafted for dogs 26–50 pounds. Formulated with 250 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.

Each bottle contains 30 droppers at 8.33mg per dropper. This natural product combines only two natural compounds that support canine health—broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

CBD Oil for Small Dogs 125 mg 

Our small dog droppers have been scientifically crafted for dogs 25 pounds or less. Formulated with 125 mg of organically grown phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.

Each bottle contains 30 droppers at 4.16mg per dropper. This natural product combines only two natural compounds that support canine health—broad-spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

2. CBD Pet Chews

At Petly, we treat our four-legged friends as members of our family. Our mission is to help our beloved companions live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. This is why we only offer all-natural certified THC FREE hemp CBD products. Our proprietary veterinarian formulated soft chews are carefully crafted ensuring every ingredient is of the highest quality, and always free of preservatives and pesticides. These tantalizing CBD treats not only host a wealth of health benefits but will have your pup begging for more. Veterinarian Formulated. Dog Approved.


Petly CBD Hemp Chews for Dogs Dosage

Petly CBD comes with virtual no adverse side effects. With this being said, you may want to find the perfect amount of CBD for your doggo, not too much not too little. The ideal amount of CBD for your dog is based on their size and weight. As with most things, we highly recommend starting low and slow, increasing their dosage slowly over time. 

Here’s a quick key for dosages of Petly CBD’s Pet Chews:

Small Dogs (< 25 lbs): ½ - 1 whole chew per day

Medium Dogs (25 - 50 lbs): 1 - 2 whole chews per day

Large Dogs (50+ lbs): 2 - 3 whole chews per day



What are the Benefits of CBD Products for Dogs?

CBD products for doggos are becoming increasingly popular and fast! Humans have tried and tested them and have been left with only the best of results! CBD works its magic on our central nervous and immune systems. 

CBD has the potential to help our dogs in numerous ways, including:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Support health joints and bones
  • Support skin health and irritation
  • Help reduce anxiety

Petly CBD Pet Chews for Dogs: Final Thoughts

Being a responsible paw parent means doing your reading and homework, making sure you do all that you can to ensure that you take care of your four-legged friend at all times. 



If your pup has joint issues, needs help coping with separation anxiety, or is just needing some added calmness into their day, we’ve surely got you covered. Petly CBD’s products check all the boxes, for you and fido. Our products are all-natural, organic, lab-tested, hemp-derived, 0% THC, and are made right here in the USA. 

Here at Petly, we have designed each and every product with the pure intention of helping improve your four-legged friend’s life, inside and outside. If we can help you in giving your pupper’s more calmness, enhanced relaxation, and or a boost of energy, we’d be more than just happy! Give us a try and find out!

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