CBD Dog Treats: The Benefits

CBD Dog Treats: The Benefits

  • Kirsten Thornhill - 18.02.2020

If you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends and advancements in the world of holistic health, then it’s very likely that you’ve heard about CBD. This magical herb is shocking researchers, scientists, veterinarians, and people like you every day! From supporting joint health to promote relaxation and calmness, the benefits of CBD oil are incredible. For these reasons mentioned above, amongst many others, it was only a matter of time before researchers and scientists began studying CBD and its benefits on animals. 


Well, recent studies have suggested that CBD can help promote wellness in our canines. Cannabidiol dog treats are now being used to support our four-legged friends in numerous ways and the results are positively feel-good worthy. 


What is Cannabidiol

So what is it? 

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an all-natural substance derived from the cannabis plant. Endocannabinoids can produce effects on the body’s nervous system and immune system. The cannabis term is more so an umbrella term that includes several species of plants, both hemp and marijuana plants to be specific. 

Here’s where some misunderstandings may occur. Products derived from the hemp plant are legal in all 50 states. Unsurprisingly, hemp-based products may already be part of your everyday life. The hemp plant can be used in various ways, including fuel, clothing, fibers, etc. Industrial hemp can be used in beauty products as well as health supplements. You may even see hemp seed milk on the shelf at your local grocery store. 

The hemp plant has extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (aka THC), which is another well-known cannabinoid. THC is the active component of the cannabis plant and users can experience a “high”. Legally, THC levels in hemp cannot be higher than 0.3%. Given that hemp is low in THC, hemp for doggos will not produce mind-altering effects. So no worries there paw parents!

While the hemp plant and marijuana plant fall under the same umbrella (cannabis), they are so very different in many ways - genetic makeup, cultivation, usage, effects, etc. The key difference we want to make apparent to paw parents in THC levels. The THC levels in CBD that are derived from a marijuana plant can be as high as 20% (maybe even higher)! Thus, making marijuana plant-derived CBD potentially very toxic for your puppers. 

CBD that is derived from marijuana plants is only legal in states where medical and recreational marijuana use is legal too. So fortunately, many paw parents won’t have the potential for mistaking the two when browsing to purchase CBD. But, it is important to recognize that CBD products are not created equal….they may not even come from the same plant!

Back to your doggo - the CBD that your pup may benefit from comes from the hemp plant. 


What Are The Effects of CBD

Cannabidiol provided by hemp oil is a natural, lab-tested substance that can help support a healthy immune system. Once the liquid has been extracted from the hemp plant, it can be used in numerous ways. One of the most popular and studied topics in CBD research is the use of CBD for joint and bone health as well as promotion of relaxation in us humans and dogs. 

It is unlikely that vets will start stocking their shelves with CBD oil, but the holistic vets are definitely bringing praise and light to the magical herb. 


Can My Dog Get High

One of the biggest misconceptions is that CBD oil or CBD treats for dogs will get your pup high as a kite. There is definitely not the case! As we talked about above, CBD that you purchase for your dog is derived from the hemp plant and will contain 0.3% THC or less, thus, being very appropriate for your puppers!


On the contrary, if your dog were to ingest or take CBD from a marijuana plant, it is very possible that they may experience a “high”. Unfortunately, they may also become rapidly ill. If any of our readers use marijuana medically or recreationally, it’s important that you keep it far out of reach from your dog. Your dog will not benefit from the CBD derived from the marijuana plant, so it’s best if they stay far away from your stash. 

CBD from the hemp plant? The way to go.


CBD Oil For Dogs: Key Benefits

Ready for the incredible benefits that CBD is continuously radiating? 


1. Supports Healthy Joints and Bones

 CBD hemp oil may play a role in supporting healthy joints, bones, and connective tissue in dogs (and us humans, too!). This hemp oil can also help doggos maintain normal inflammatory responses and may relieve joint stiffness associated with daily movement and exercise. 


2. Promotes Relaxation and Calmness

In dogs and humans, CBD oil may help promote relaxation. We know what it’s like to feel stressed out or anxious, some more than others. Well, what paw parents may not realize is that your precious four-legged fur baby might face stress and anxiety often, whether it’s phobias or travel-related stressors.

CBD Types For Dogs

As more research is being published on the amazing benefits of CBD derived from the hemp plant, more products are being created everyday, as a way for our fur babies to reap the benefits available. 

We recommend moving a new product into your dog’s life slowly, but surely. This rule of thumb, as we call it, can apply to all types of CBD. Even though CBD is an all-natural and non-toxic compound, it is still something new being brought into your pup’s life, so proceed slowly. Starting slowly may look like only giving your pup half of the recommended dosage or simply putting the oil on the tip of your finger from them to lick it off. You can always increase from here! Trust us, your doggo will reap the benefits of this herb, so there’s no need to speed to the finish line. 


Hemp Oil For Dogs

Paw parents may choose to introduce CBD into their pup’s life through tincture, or oil form. These products typically come with an easy-to-use dropper, making it easy to control the usage of CBD oil that they are giving to their dog. 

Our CBD hemp-derived oil, available here, is based on your pup’s size and weight and can be purchased in small, medium, or large.


Small Dogs: up to 25 lbs

Medium Dogs: 26 - 50 lbs

Large Dogs: over 50 lbs


Most paw parents have reported that their fur baby does not have any problems with the taste of the hemp CBD oil.


CBD Dog Chews

Once your pup gets adjusted into taking CBD oil, paw parents may decide to venture to one of our CBD pet chews. 

These cannabinoid dog chews are an easy way for paw parents to ensure that their doggo is reaping all the benefits of CBD through a bite-sized, yummy treat!

We recommend our tasty beef-flavored CBD pet chews for dogs. Our natural beef flavored calming pet chews will help promote a worry-free, happy life for your pup! Our relaxing chews are also great for pups who get excited in public or have a hard time sleeping. 



If your dog suffers from seasonal allergies and or skin allergies/irritations, you may be interested in our tincture hemp CBD oil. With our tincture form, you’ll be able to apply the drops directly into the irritated areas, possibly helping with the skin sensitivities and seasonal allergies. 


CBD For Dogs: Know The Products

Just briefly, we want to mention that with the rise in popularity in CBD, also comes with a rise in products available online to you. We hope that you give PETLY CBD a shot. However, if you do decide to purchase somewhere else, we want you to be aware of what’s out there - all CBD isn’t created equal. 


As with most in life, you get what you pay for. Paw parents will likely find cheaper versions of CBD oil online, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that its quality is up to par. 

Make sure the products are all-natural, soy-free, non-GMO, and lab-tested. 



Make sure it’s lab-tested! The manufacturer should be able to provide certificates of analysis for the CBD product that you’re interested in. This lab report should list the chemical ingredients in the product. 


For more information on PETLY CBD and what makes our CBD products and oils the best, click here.

100% Natural

If it’s not all-natural, it’s likely that it may contain solvents, fungicides, or pesticides. Ek! If so, this oil could potentially do more harm than good. NOT good.


CBD Dog Chews: Final Thoughts

It can be difficult being a new paw parent. You only want what’s best for your fur child, 100% of the time. Sometimes it may seem extremely difficult to figure out exactly what that needs to look like. 

We understand this feeling and know your pup means everything to you! We are also paw lovers and owners, so we understand! That’s why we’re so confident in the amazing benefits of CBD for pets. 

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